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Before you List: A Checklist for Sellers in NYC

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The question I get all the time from sellers- “What can I do (without spending a fortune) to improve my sale?”

My Suggestion- Staging and light Prep work. Over the years I've learned it's always a great investment and smart use of time. Most untrained eyes look at furnishings and décor first, and it subconsciously shapes a buyers mood before they begin seeing the fundamentals.

So how can you maximize impact without a huge budget?

1. Do the free things on the list below first!

2. Decide on what you are willing to spend

3. Allocate your budget to the most glaring weaknesses of the items below after the free ones.

My suggested checklist:

1. Clean: Everything cleaned thoroughly.

2. Tidy up! - Clutter confuses and distracts.

3. Scented candles near entry/bathroom

4. Fresh flowers or plants.

5. Doorbell/knocker should be new and working perfectly.

6. Outlet covers/light switches- new and modern change the feel for only $3 each.

7. Windows professionally cleaned.

8. Repaint dirty or smudged walls.

9. Regrout floor and wall tiles.

10. Consider reglazing old shower/bathtubs/sinks if chipped

11. Water damage? Address any signs of damage- a/c units, floors etc.

12. Replace any cracked glass panes, windows, or mirrors.

13. Update lighting- replace floor lamps with sconces or add led in the ceiling/soffit.

14. Bad views? Window boxes help poor views. Artwork can often substitute for a view. Strategically place mirrors near small windows.

15. Refinish floors - minimal cost compared to gains.

16. Replace old bulbs with incandescent & add dimmers. Fluorescent lighting has to go!

17. Remove as much as you can from tables, desks and shelves- especially Kitchen. Instead, opt for simple/smart accessories to warm things up- fruit bowl, vase, sleek coffee machine. Etc.

Bonus Tip: If there are any issues that you would want to address if you were staying, or consider getting an estiamte ofr the work and sharing that with potential buyers. Seeing hard data can sometimes convince people to do a little work if needed.

Still have a question? Please contact me at 917-975-9531 or


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